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Whether you have a single show or a 2 month tour we have it covered.
We can assign an experienced tour manager to over see every aspect of transport, soundcheck, hospitality , tour budgets and the all important time keeping whilst all the while having the backup and assistance of our office team.

It is important that you can trust an experienced Tour Manager with your tour. For the artist it takes the daily grind out of their routine creating a better experience. For the Manager there is a point person - a go to guy - who will always be contactable to relay a message, report on 'last nights gig', keep a tight control over the tour finances, keep every one in line and on time.  For the Agent we supply a relyable extension of services for their clients without having to diversify from their main objective. Our tour managers understand their place in the management structure and are always aware or their role in producing a tour as a commercially viable product.

Although you may not see the need for this expense of Tour manager, often we become "cost neutral". By this we mean that by having our experience 'at hand' we can alleiviate any expensive issues like missed flights and missed shows.

We also know how the whole 'tour bus thing' works form extensive touring over the years. Here we can help save you 'on the road costs' by negotiating deals with bus companies  that we know and trust as well as  the drivers themselves sometimes shaving up to 15% from the budget. Any driver will tell you of horror stories of how 'some drivers' have ripped off the inexperienced touring party. 

From the very start we will liaise with  the Artist, Management and agent to produce a highly transparent tour budget to include all transport, hotel costs, staff costs (ourselves, drivers, VJ's, LJ's, merch etc etc) and general running costs  so you have a clear indication on likely tour cost. From here we can work on the Routing.

Routing a tour properly is highly mportant. Its cuts out unneccessary road/flight costs, helps keep Artist fatigue to minimum and allows forward planning for media commitments or studio hook ups.
It will also allow everyone to know where they will be way in advance so that colleagues and family can plan in advance to meet the tour at reduced cost. For a Bus tour this is an important stage in budgeting for the 'on the road' expenses - miles mean expenses....

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